february 19
it’s good to be back

wtf why is Mario Lopez on the radio… FUK Mario Lopez

we are gonna party tonight…. we are buying tequila hell yeah

by any memes necessary

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Nursery Rhymes/Bastille - Old Macdonalds had a Pompeii
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M83 / Smash Mouth - Allstar City
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do u ever see someone so hot you kind of just explode


i love kissing so much how it can be soft and romantic or hard and passionate or lazy and sleepy or affectionate and then it’s like you like the person and they like you because you are kissing and it’s just you two and you can close your eyes and there will be nothing in the world except that

I follow you bc you're icon is a pug and pugs are life

hell yeah

i follow u for the memes (and cause ily )

lov u

Arctic Monkeys - Love Is A Laserquest
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Such a way with words
tell me why u follow me on anon

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